Friday, June 30, 2006

Above .500 and leaping over Texas in second place in the AL WEST

The mariners have made me a very happy girl this past month winning with a record of 18-7 so far in the month of June. This is our first winning month in quite some time, i want to say years, but i don't know the exact date. I am all smiles tonight watching the mariners pull the win away from the arizona diamondbacks in the 9th inning on a homerun by Raul Ibanez and a triple by Kenji jojima and another basehit to drive in pinch runner willie bloomquist for the go ahead run made me glow in the warm summer air in seattle on Thursday evening. With the win, The Seattle Mariners are now 2 games above .500 and they leap frogged Texas into second place in the American League standings. Oakland leads the Mariners by 2.5 games in the West.

One of the first goals for the mariners this summer was to reach .500. That is just a stepping stone to get there and then start to rise. Next stone to leap to is climb in the standings and continue to play good solid ball. Do the small things that win games. Good defense, good pitching, smart hitting and running the bases smartly. The Mariners have had that in the month of June and it has been fun to be a Mariners fan this month. It has gone from the mariners were cellar dwellers early in the season and their chemestry started to work and sparkle and they started having a good time out on the field. Even though some of the big boppers weren't playing to what most of the media said they should, I knew in my heart that they were going to be fine, the beautiful thing about baseball is that one day you can go 0-4 and think that tomorrow will be the same for the poor guy because "he just sucks" "he's done and old" or what ever the people say, but it is a long season and there is a reason why one of the most important stats kept is AVERAGE not what you did on one at bat, but it combines all of you ab's and there ya go. Baseball season is a marathon, 162 games, guys have good weeks, bad weeks, slow starts, hot streaks, power strokes and some guys can just lay the bunt down to push the runner along and eventually get the guy over, average average average. Ebb and flow of the season. It's why I love baseball. And sticking with a team that you love over the years makes you appreciate the good time so much more when there have been the ebbs like the past few seasons. I am just glowing as a Mariners fan with the way they have played this year. They dominated interleague play with a record of 12-2 i believe so far. Anyways, second place in june, I really shouldn't get too excited but hey, these are the guys I follow daily and I know it's a big goal reached this past week. 2 games over .500 AND now in Second place in the AL West! Congrats to the boys of summer in seattle.

Friday, October 28, 2005

ChiSOX rock

What, nothing about the Sox winning it all?

Nothing about Freddy pitching the winning game? You feeling OK there, Panzy?

***Anne's Reply to Valorie***

Okok! I have been lazy when it comes to this blog, but hey i've been a little busy with getting married and working and trying to stay awake!

The Chicago White Sox won the world series!

The Mariners signed Jarrod Washburn today to a 4 year deal, that should really help with the rotation! Also kept Jamie Moyer on board, and picked up the option on Guardado. Signed Carl Everett to a year contract to play in the outfield. Signed the Japaneese catcher that is supposed to be a wonder much like Ichiro.

That's all of the news that i can think of off the top of my head... Can hardly wait until spring training starts, it's only about 2 months away!!!!!!!!

Love the new Mrs. Anne Jones

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Day 2

New York 3, Anaheim 5 -- Series tied at 1-1 game three in NY on Friday Oct 7th espn

Boston 4, Chicago 5 -- White Sox lead 2-0 in best of 5. Game three in Boston on Friday the 7th espn2

Houston 10, Atlanta 5 -- Astros lead best of 5 series 1-0. game 2 thrursday on fox

San Diego @ St Loius Thursday ESPN2 -- St Louis leads 1-0

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Playoffs, Day 1

#St Louis 8, San Diego 5 -- St Louis lead best of 5 series 1-0

*Chicago 14, Boston 2 -- White Sox lead best of 5 series 1-0

*New York 4, Los Angeles 2 -- Yankees lead best of 5 series 1-0

#Atlanta vs Houston -- Wednesday October 5

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Season 2005 coming to a end.

It's only got a few more weeks before the retooling can begin, again. Will Bill Bavasi actually make some pitching moves this off-season? Will he get a few more guys like Sexson and Beltre? He got a few nice guys for the infield for 05, but from what i have seen of Mr. Bavasi he will make moves that he says are terrific and are "sensible" for the team in the long run, but what i think he needs to do is hire back the old GM Gillick on the side and ask the man what he should do. Damn, i don't think i have been as frustrated with my baseball team in years. It seems like anything good they would like to do away with. WHat will Bavasi do next? Trade Ichiro for a few pitching prospects? I wouldn't be suprised at anything that man decides to do with the Mariners. We are too old in spots where, sure they are helping with the younger guys break into the league, and way too young in MOST spots because we have half of the Tacoma Rainiers in Mariner uniforms this year. They said on the broadcast a few days ago that 12 Tacoma players that started in AAA this season are now with the club and have been for some time. That is amazing! It's such a lopsided mix or rookies to vets on this team. You have someone like Jamie Moyer who is 42 and another guy who is the YOUNGEST IN THE MAJORS at 19. Same rotation. And our closer is in his late 30's along side with a bunch of guys who put together have as much ML experience as he does in the pen. Our middle infield is a rotation of 4 rookies or very near rookies, meaning they were with the club last year in September for the expanded rosters, but other than that they are basically AAA players. I have to say that I am impressed with Morse and Lopez and Bentacort, they have had their rookie days where they make fundamental mistakes, but overall they are learning a lot and doing whatever it takes to be in the lineup everyday.
I really do like the make up Core of the team, guys like Ibanez, Sexson, Beltre, Ichiro, Reed, Morse, they are good guys to build a team around. Felix Hernandez has been fun to watch, and will be as long as they are carful with him since he is so young. Moyer probably won't be back since they tried to trade him 8 different times this season. And it seems like the rest of the rotation is just so spotty. You never know if you are going to get a outting that is a masterpeice and they go 8 strong innings, or if you are going to get a hit-fest and see the bull pen take over after 3 innings. The experts always say that you win with pitching and defense. Well, Bavasi, we have the defense, how about getting us some pitching? We even have a little power with Sexson and Beltre and Ibanez. Ichiro hits for average and is hovering around .300 this season. We could get a little speed in the line up and a little pitching and i think we could dig ourselves out of the AL West Cellar!!! Wouldn't that be nice to see teams below us instead of 16 games ABOVE us? Wouldn't it be fun to be in a race for something again instead of trying to avoid 90 losses? how about 90 wins? Wilson is retiring, Moyers salary will be gone, same with Guardado most likely. Will be be getting a permanent catcher? We had 6 to choose from this year! I don't know Bill, maybe you should get a wig or something because teams don't want to make good deals with you, you look sorta like a weasel and I know I don't want to be in the same elevator as you when i leave the park at night, hell you scare me when i'm in the press box at the same time as you. I don't claim to have all of the answers, but then again I'm not the one who took the job as GM and messed with a cities emotions and threw their baseball team down to the cellar. What happened when Gillick left? Did he leave a message on what not to do with the Mariners and just mislable it? You have a brain inside that bald head of yours, wrap a scarf around it and warm up to the idea that Seattle wants to support this team and come to the beautiful baseball field that is Safeco Field. Please!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

-This is a post that I made on another blog I have and posted it here since it shpuld be here more than there, or at least both places.-

Ode to Danny Wilson

Dan Wilson, my paperboy catcher for the Seattle Mariners from 1994-2005 announced that he will retire when the 2005 season ends. Anyone who follows the Mariners knew that it could be a possiblity when he tore a ligament in his knee on May 4th of this year after getting a basehit to left field and had to leave the game. I was working for ANC that game and saw Danny's last at bat and saw him walk off the field. I felt that something was wrong as I watched him walk off with the trainer Rick Griffin. I kind of just stood there with a very worried feeling and didn't want to sit back down. It was like the day before Boonie was traded to Minnesota, i knew that it was his last game in a Mariner uniform. Although today during Wilsons press confrence he said that he would like to play at least one more inning this season before hanging it up. The announcers were talking about who he might catch for, such as long time teammate Jeff Nelson or Jamie Moyer. He gets to make his own ending after the injury, i think that is nice. He is such a good man, not only as a ML baseball player but in the world. He and his wife are so involved in the community and help so many children. He also said that he would like to remain involved with the Mariners in some fashion as well, either it be with the charity work that the team is involved with or down the road maybe a coach of some sort. I really hope that happens. It would be so great to see Dan Wilson a pitching coach and right beside him Edgar Martinez as a batting coach! How about Jay Buhner being a bench coach or an outfield coach? Or maybe Danny could be manager and Jamie Moyer could be the pitching coach when he decides to retire? I like that idea too. There just seem to be some people in this world that it would just be too hard not to remain in contact. (on a side note, when i met Jason I had the same feeling about him, there are just some good people that have to remain a part of your life in some respect). Look at the Mariners since Danny went out with the injury, we have had so many catchers in and out of the position, i think i heard a while back that we have used 6 different guys trying to fill his spot. AND no one will ever have his demeanor, no one can replace what Dan Wilson has, he is just a good man. So, Danny Wilson, I will miss watching your talents on the baseball diamond, but hope that we still see your talents taught to young people all over in this world. Thanks for making the #6 mean something special.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Mariners logo

Saving sensation
Eddie Guardado has converted 22 consecutive save opportunities, which is third in the Majors. The longest consecutive streak in the Majors is Mariano Rivera (25). The previous Seattle club record was 17, held by Bill Swift, Norm Charlton, and Kazuhiro Sasaki.

AL West Standings

AL West W L Pct. GB
LA Angels 59 43 .578 ---
Oakland 55 46 .545 3.5
Texas 51 50 .505 7.5
Seattle 44 57 .436 14.5

Mariners are back home for a few games

The Mariners are playing baseball like they have been all year, a little spurt of passion and winning, then a down slide with a couple of injuries or setbacks for a few players. Tonight against the Indians we lost 6-5. Last night against the Tigers we beat them 8-1. Sexson blasted two homeruns in last nights game and is hitting .375 in July. Beltre picked his batting up this past month as well. On the pre-game show this afternoon the announcers were explaining that since both Sexson and Beltre are now seeing the teams for the second and third times around, they know more of what to expect and how they will be pitched to. It's so nice to see them producing they way they expect themselves to. Jamie Moyer pitched 8 strong innings yesterday and it could have been his last start as a Mariner as the non-waiver trading deadline approaches. Gil Meche, Randy Winn, Joel Piniero, Raul Ibanez, Ron Villone, Eddie Guardado have all been in rumor talks this past week. I hate this time of year, every game I watch, when a player is taken out for a pinch hitter or replaced defensively, I don't know if it's just game stadegy or if they are no longer with the ballclub. It's very stressful!
The damn Yankees are in rumors of wanting to take my Gil Meche along with Randy Winn! They are looking for a replacement for Burnie Williams and are desperate for starting pitching. If there are any deals I'll try to put up a post with details, but honestly I hope there isn't too much movement around this time of year, it just makes me nervous. I'm glad that I have to be working and we are busy at the restuarant this weekend!!
That's all for now, I'll get back to my full posts soon i hope.

Lots of happy thoughts,