Friday, July 29, 2005

Mariners are back home for a few games

The Mariners are playing baseball like they have been all year, a little spurt of passion and winning, then a down slide with a couple of injuries or setbacks for a few players. Tonight against the Indians we lost 6-5. Last night against the Tigers we beat them 8-1. Sexson blasted two homeruns in last nights game and is hitting .375 in July. Beltre picked his batting up this past month as well. On the pre-game show this afternoon the announcers were explaining that since both Sexson and Beltre are now seeing the teams for the second and third times around, they know more of what to expect and how they will be pitched to. It's so nice to see them producing they way they expect themselves to. Jamie Moyer pitched 8 strong innings yesterday and it could have been his last start as a Mariner as the non-waiver trading deadline approaches. Gil Meche, Randy Winn, Joel Piniero, Raul Ibanez, Ron Villone, Eddie Guardado have all been in rumor talks this past week. I hate this time of year, every game I watch, when a player is taken out for a pinch hitter or replaced defensively, I don't know if it's just game stadegy or if they are no longer with the ballclub. It's very stressful!
The damn Yankees are in rumors of wanting to take my Gil Meche along with Randy Winn! They are looking for a replacement for Burnie Williams and are desperate for starting pitching. If there are any deals I'll try to put up a post with details, but honestly I hope there isn't too much movement around this time of year, it just makes me nervous. I'm glad that I have to be working and we are busy at the restuarant this weekend!!
That's all for now, I'll get back to my full posts soon i hope.

Lots of happy thoughts,


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