Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Season 2005 coming to a end.

It's only got a few more weeks before the retooling can begin, again. Will Bill Bavasi actually make some pitching moves this off-season? Will he get a few more guys like Sexson and Beltre? He got a few nice guys for the infield for 05, but from what i have seen of Mr. Bavasi he will make moves that he says are terrific and are "sensible" for the team in the long run, but what i think he needs to do is hire back the old GM Gillick on the side and ask the man what he should do. Damn, i don't think i have been as frustrated with my baseball team in years. It seems like anything good they would like to do away with. WHat will Bavasi do next? Trade Ichiro for a few pitching prospects? I wouldn't be suprised at anything that man decides to do with the Mariners. We are too old in spots where, sure they are helping with the younger guys break into the league, and way too young in MOST spots because we have half of the Tacoma Rainiers in Mariner uniforms this year. They said on the broadcast a few days ago that 12 Tacoma players that started in AAA this season are now with the club and have been for some time. That is amazing! It's such a lopsided mix or rookies to vets on this team. You have someone like Jamie Moyer who is 42 and another guy who is the YOUNGEST IN THE MAJORS at 19. Same rotation. And our closer is in his late 30's along side with a bunch of guys who put together have as much ML experience as he does in the pen. Our middle infield is a rotation of 4 rookies or very near rookies, meaning they were with the club last year in September for the expanded rosters, but other than that they are basically AAA players. I have to say that I am impressed with Morse and Lopez and Bentacort, they have had their rookie days where they make fundamental mistakes, but overall they are learning a lot and doing whatever it takes to be in the lineup everyday.
I really do like the make up Core of the team, guys like Ibanez, Sexson, Beltre, Ichiro, Reed, Morse, they are good guys to build a team around. Felix Hernandez has been fun to watch, and will be as long as they are carful with him since he is so young. Moyer probably won't be back since they tried to trade him 8 different times this season. And it seems like the rest of the rotation is just so spotty. You never know if you are going to get a outting that is a masterpeice and they go 8 strong innings, or if you are going to get a hit-fest and see the bull pen take over after 3 innings. The experts always say that you win with pitching and defense. Well, Bavasi, we have the defense, how about getting us some pitching? We even have a little power with Sexson and Beltre and Ibanez. Ichiro hits for average and is hovering around .300 this season. We could get a little speed in the line up and a little pitching and i think we could dig ourselves out of the AL West Cellar!!! Wouldn't that be nice to see teams below us instead of 16 games ABOVE us? Wouldn't it be fun to be in a race for something again instead of trying to avoid 90 losses? how about 90 wins? Wilson is retiring, Moyers salary will be gone, same with Guardado most likely. Will be be getting a permanent catcher? We had 6 to choose from this year! I don't know Bill, maybe you should get a wig or something because teams don't want to make good deals with you, you look sorta like a weasel and I know I don't want to be in the same elevator as you when i leave the park at night, hell you scare me when i'm in the press box at the same time as you. I don't claim to have all of the answers, but then again I'm not the one who took the job as GM and messed with a cities emotions and threw their baseball team down to the cellar. What happened when Gillick left? Did he leave a message on what not to do with the Mariners and just mislable it? You have a brain inside that bald head of yours, wrap a scarf around it and warm up to the idea that Seattle wants to support this team and come to the beautiful baseball field that is Safeco Field. Please!


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