Tuesday, September 13, 2005

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Ode to Danny Wilson

Dan Wilson, my paperboy catcher for the Seattle Mariners from 1994-2005 announced that he will retire when the 2005 season ends. Anyone who follows the Mariners knew that it could be a possiblity when he tore a ligament in his knee on May 4th of this year after getting a basehit to left field and had to leave the game. I was working for ANC that game and saw Danny's last at bat and saw him walk off the field. I felt that something was wrong as I watched him walk off with the trainer Rick Griffin. I kind of just stood there with a very worried feeling and didn't want to sit back down. It was like the day before Boonie was traded to Minnesota, i knew that it was his last game in a Mariner uniform. Although today during Wilsons press confrence he said that he would like to play at least one more inning this season before hanging it up. The announcers were talking about who he might catch for, such as long time teammate Jeff Nelson or Jamie Moyer. He gets to make his own ending after the injury, i think that is nice. He is such a good man, not only as a ML baseball player but in the world. He and his wife are so involved in the community and help so many children. He also said that he would like to remain involved with the Mariners in some fashion as well, either it be with the charity work that the team is involved with or down the road maybe a coach of some sort. I really hope that happens. It would be so great to see Dan Wilson a pitching coach and right beside him Edgar Martinez as a batting coach! How about Jay Buhner being a bench coach or an outfield coach? Or maybe Danny could be manager and Jamie Moyer could be the pitching coach when he decides to retire? I like that idea too. There just seem to be some people in this world that it would just be too hard not to remain in contact. (on a side note, when i met Jason I had the same feeling about him, there are just some good people that have to remain a part of your life in some respect). Look at the Mariners since Danny went out with the injury, we have had so many catchers in and out of the position, i think i heard a while back that we have used 6 different guys trying to fill his spot. AND no one will ever have his demeanor, no one can replace what Dan Wilson has, he is just a good man. So, Danny Wilson, I will miss watching your talents on the baseball diamond, but hope that we still see your talents taught to young people all over in this world. Thanks for making the #6 mean something special.


At Thursday, September 15, 2005, Blogger johnharolds61257131 said...

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At Monday, September 19, 2005, Blogger Valorie Zimmerman said...

I am so sad too. Part of baseball is being broken-hearted, I guess.


We love ya, Danny. Vaya con Dios.


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