Friday, June 30, 2006

Above .500 and leaping over Texas in second place in the AL WEST

The mariners have made me a very happy girl this past month winning with a record of 18-7 so far in the month of June. This is our first winning month in quite some time, i want to say years, but i don't know the exact date. I am all smiles tonight watching the mariners pull the win away from the arizona diamondbacks in the 9th inning on a homerun by Raul Ibanez and a triple by Kenji jojima and another basehit to drive in pinch runner willie bloomquist for the go ahead run made me glow in the warm summer air in seattle on Thursday evening. With the win, The Seattle Mariners are now 2 games above .500 and they leap frogged Texas into second place in the American League standings. Oakland leads the Mariners by 2.5 games in the West.

One of the first goals for the mariners this summer was to reach .500. That is just a stepping stone to get there and then start to rise. Next stone to leap to is climb in the standings and continue to play good solid ball. Do the small things that win games. Good defense, good pitching, smart hitting and running the bases smartly. The Mariners have had that in the month of June and it has been fun to be a Mariners fan this month. It has gone from the mariners were cellar dwellers early in the season and their chemestry started to work and sparkle and they started having a good time out on the field. Even though some of the big boppers weren't playing to what most of the media said they should, I knew in my heart that they were going to be fine, the beautiful thing about baseball is that one day you can go 0-4 and think that tomorrow will be the same for the poor guy because "he just sucks" "he's done and old" or what ever the people say, but it is a long season and there is a reason why one of the most important stats kept is AVERAGE not what you did on one at bat, but it combines all of you ab's and there ya go. Baseball season is a marathon, 162 games, guys have good weeks, bad weeks, slow starts, hot streaks, power strokes and some guys can just lay the bunt down to push the runner along and eventually get the guy over, average average average. Ebb and flow of the season. It's why I love baseball. And sticking with a team that you love over the years makes you appreciate the good time so much more when there have been the ebbs like the past few seasons. I am just glowing as a Mariners fan with the way they have played this year. They dominated interleague play with a record of 12-2 i believe so far. Anyways, second place in june, I really shouldn't get too excited but hey, these are the guys I follow daily and I know it's a big goal reached this past week. 2 games over .500 AND now in Second place in the AL West! Congrats to the boys of summer in seattle.