Friday, July 29, 2005

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Saving sensation
Eddie Guardado has converted 22 consecutive save opportunities, which is third in the Majors. The longest consecutive streak in the Majors is Mariano Rivera (25). The previous Seattle club record was 17, held by Bill Swift, Norm Charlton, and Kazuhiro Sasaki.

AL West Standings

AL West W L Pct. GB
LA Angels 59 43 .578 ---
Oakland 55 46 .545 3.5
Texas 51 50 .505 7.5
Seattle 44 57 .436 14.5

Mariners are back home for a few games

The Mariners are playing baseball like they have been all year, a little spurt of passion and winning, then a down slide with a couple of injuries or setbacks for a few players. Tonight against the Indians we lost 6-5. Last night against the Tigers we beat them 8-1. Sexson blasted two homeruns in last nights game and is hitting .375 in July. Beltre picked his batting up this past month as well. On the pre-game show this afternoon the announcers were explaining that since both Sexson and Beltre are now seeing the teams for the second and third times around, they know more of what to expect and how they will be pitched to. It's so nice to see them producing they way they expect themselves to. Jamie Moyer pitched 8 strong innings yesterday and it could have been his last start as a Mariner as the non-waiver trading deadline approaches. Gil Meche, Randy Winn, Joel Piniero, Raul Ibanez, Ron Villone, Eddie Guardado have all been in rumor talks this past week. I hate this time of year, every game I watch, when a player is taken out for a pinch hitter or replaced defensively, I don't know if it's just game stadegy or if they are no longer with the ballclub. It's very stressful!
The damn Yankees are in rumors of wanting to take my Gil Meche along with Randy Winn! They are looking for a replacement for Burnie Williams and are desperate for starting pitching. If there are any deals I'll try to put up a post with details, but honestly I hope there isn't too much movement around this time of year, it just makes me nervous. I'm glad that I have to be working and we are busy at the restuarant this weekend!!
That's all for now, I'll get back to my full posts soon i hope.

Lots of happy thoughts,

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Anthony got a baseball from Will the Secrity man, and we all had a good time watching the Mariners beat the Tigers 5-3. Anthony of course was rooting for the Tigers... I won 1.88 since the Mariners pulled this one out. I even called that Beltre would hit his homerun and tie the game, Little Man didn't like that at all.
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Saturday, July 23, 2005

I found this on the web and would like to have it incorporated on the page somehow.... does anyone have any idea how to make it a permanent thing instead of a post?

Debra and My Mom sitting at Woodland Park enjoying the shade. These are my baseball buddies!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Sunday July 17th, M's Win

Seattle «00000521X8100
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W:G.Meche(10-6) L:S.Ponson(7-8)
HR: BAL- R.Palmeiro (16) SEA- M.Olivo (4)

I didn't get a chance to see the entire game, I got home from work in the 8th inning. I missed all of the action. Although, Gil Meche is the first Mariner to notch a 10 game win season since 2001, which is amazing since it's only June. Way to go Meche! From what I read online about the game, Olivo jump started the win with a single and a stolen base and kept Meche in the game when he got frustrated. Sounds like Sunday afternoon at Safeco was a delight all around!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

M's take game 3 from O's in bottom of 9th

With Beltre abord in the 9th inning Mike Morse hit a line drive that drove in the 3rd run for the mariners and beat the O's finally in game 3 of this 4 game series. Jamie Moyer pitched 8 solid innings but getting a ND with the score tied when he left. Bruce Chen also went deep into the game but also got no decision. It was certinaly a pitchers duel and good game to see sitting on a bean bag watching the sunset glow on the east side of the horizon and cheering the boys in white on to just get that hit, and they did. That makes girls like Anne happy. The purity of baseball was clear to me when Jamie Moyer was facing Sammy Sosa tonight. Soso looked frustrated and stressed. Moyer looked calm and collected like he usually does. What I love about baseball so much is how simple and complex it is all at the same time. and at any second to another second u can make it be what you want it to be. I was just watching the profile of Sosa facing Moyer, he looked scared. He was trying to think of what was going to be thrown to him. I think he even had a hitters count 2-1, but he still didn't look like he wanted to be up there facing Jamie at that time. I believe he ended up fanning All I can say about that is that I'm glad I benched his sorry ass on my fantasy team this weekend. yesterday i lost a hit and run from him but it's worth it. I'm going to try my best to put a box score up that doesn't actually suck.... Mariners win over the O's 3-2

Seattle «200000001380
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W:J.Putz(2-3) L:C.Ray(0-1)
HR: BAL- None SEA- R.Sexson (20)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I got home from work in plenty of time to settle down and get ready to watch the boys of summer and catch a little history with 3000 hits from Raffy Palmerio. Piniero was on the hill tonight for the Mariners, but couldn't find his zone. He had thrown 98 pitches through 4 innings i think... I'll just have to put the box score up here cause to tell the truth i fell asleep before the pregame started and woke up during the post game show. I missed Raffy's double for the 3000 milestone celebration.

Baltimore «1200200106130
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W:R.Lopez(9-5) L:J.Pineiro(3-5) S:B.Ryan (21)
HR: BAL- M.Mora (16), S.Fasano (8) SEA- R.Sexson (19)

Friday, July 15, 2005

Game 1 vs Baltimore

Mariners lost to the Orioles 5-3 Thursday night at Safeco Field. The Mariners did all of their scoring in the second inning scoring on two errors and a good old fashioned run batted in. Sloppy defense gave the M's some hope for about an inning or two before Aaron Sele couldn't quite keep Jay Gibbons in the park and gave up a homer. The Mariners were down by only one run going into the 9th inning, but JJ Putz couldn't keep the birds out of the nest as he game up one more run to make it 5 runs to 3 runs. Mariners couldn't get anything going again their closer BJ Ryan.

Raffy Palmiero managed one hit tonight to come within a single hit of 3000. In the 8th inning when he was at bat against Julio Mateo, our pitcher was booed when he ended up walking him. So it didn't happen for Palmiero today, but he has 3 more games to victimize the seattle pitchers.

Baltimore «000211001582
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W:D.Cabrera(8-7) L:A.Sele(6-9) S:B.Ryan (20)
HR: BAL- S.Fasano (7), J.Gibbons (14) SEA- None

Let's try again tomorrow. Anne

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Minnesota, that's where Bret Boone will finish this season. He said it was his first choice to go to the Twins. The Mariners made the deal at the last minute and sent Boone along with cash to the Twins for a player to be named later. From the little bit of research I did, I have found out that the Mariners will probably get a minor league player after the seasons end. And get this, the Mariners pay Boone the remainder of his salary, and then the Twins pay him a pro-rated M.L. min amount, which is about $175,000. Win win for the Twins apparently. I wish him the best and hope he goes deep into the playoffs this post season.

As far as the rest of the Mariners (the ones that are still on the team) it's the last day of vacation for our boys. Getting back to work tomorrow against the Orioles. Palmerio is only a few hits away from his 5000th career, and he absolutly slaughters the Mariners pitching everytime he faces us. A good chance that many Seattle fans will see history this weekend!

Ichiro got a RBI single in the All Star game yesterday. As I wasn't really watching all that closely, I can't really tell ya much more than the American League won 7-5 and will have home field advantage in the World Series.

That's all for today, hope to have some good news from this weekend series from Safeco.


Sunday, July 10, 2005

As the All Star Break Approches

The half way point of the season is upon us once again. As I type, the Mariners are playing the last game before the 3 day break. Seattle is represented by only one lone player this year, Ichiro Suzuki. Of course he is deserving and I can't blame the fans for notvoting any Mariners in on the merits of the team itself. Ichiro was added as a reserve by the American League All-Star staff lead by Terry Francona of the World Champion Boston Red Sox. This is the third year that the all star game will determine home field advantage for the world series. I really like that M.L. Baseball imposed this rule, it makes the players feel like they have something more to play for than just playing for bragging rights, which who cares what league wins anyway without something good coming from it but a bunch of trash talk. Oh well, one girl, one opinion.
The Mariners are playing the Angels this weekend and have been playing great! We have beat them 3 of 4 so far and lead them in this game 7-3. We are 13.5 games back in the division, and unless the mariners front office does something major soon, i think that we will be trying to build for next season. Boone has already been designated for assignment, and so far no team has made a creditable offer for him. Sounds like we may end up releasing him outright and eating the remainder of his salary, which i believe is over 4.5 million. He would become a free agent if that happens, after a two day waiver period. Any team then could make a contract offer to him after that happens.

The M's are so fun to watch lately. It looks like they are really gelling as teammates and having fun! There are a bunch of new kids on the team, which i think is good for the mentality of the guys. Like they can all relate to one anothers struggles. But there is also the nice blend of veterans in the mix to help the young men out if they want to take the advice. Jeramy Reed is so much fun to watch out in centerfield. He plays hard and sacrafices his body to make these unbelievable catches. Ichiro is just so fast and makes the game look simple. Morse at short is fitting in nicely, his bat has been hot ever since he got his first major league hit weeks ago. Pat Borders has pulled the veteran pitchers back together since Wilson went down for surgery. Beltre has been smokin the past 3 or 4 weeks with the hitting and his defense is amazing. It's so nice to have a good defensive club on the field. Richie Sexson has a homerun today and has also been heating up at the plate. Jose Lopez and Willie Bloomquist have been doing just fine filling the vacant spot at second base. And who could leave out Raul Ibanez? Having him on my fantasy team, I look at how he is batting runners in and being a very solid replacement for the nearly irreplacable Edgar Martinez in the Designated Hitter role. Randy Winn in left field has also been steady at the dish and his defense could be a little to be desired some days, but overall he has speed out there to catch the balls that can roll in that tricky left corner at Safeco sometimes. I don't know a whole lot about a lot of things, but I do know that I like watching these guys play baseball. I like what I see in the future if they keep a good core of guys together. We are short a few solid starters and experience, but hopfully those things can be fixed and filled in the days to come. You just have to keep faith and go out and play hard everyday. What can I say? I'm a Mariner Geek!